#243 Peep Be Flee

February 19, 2021
In today’s news: meddlesome peep keeps being meddlesome.


Peep: We have arrived, old hoot!
Peep: Now, come out, be meddlesome!
Peep: Stay here and be old hoot!
Peep: Keep drawing yet another recurring character!

Peep: Why do you keep tripp–!
Peep: meddlesam... meddl... somesome... med...


Gheralf says:

We’re unharmed! And emotionally scarred at the same time!


Vayandil says:

How...? The peep just quoted my comment from the previous page!

I never said it out loud!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

You Got Schooled!

The schools these students are in are anything but typical! Magical mysteries or training for a mage’s war, this week’s offerings give a new meaning to the phrase “you got schooled!”

XII: Of Magic and Muses
XII: Of Magic and Muses – Willow, Georgia and Emma have accidentally wrapped both Tillie and Aaron into their magical girl shenanigans much to their chagrin. However, things seem to be getting even harder to keep quiet as these magical powers have turned from intriguing to infectious. Between daylight daydreams, tanking a track star, bathroom breakdowns and betrayal from within - our quarreling quintet might be in bigger trouble then they ever thought possible.

Magefront is about Amarantha Steppenhaus, a necromancer with big dreams about becoming a famous battlemage.