#242 Peep Be Free

February 12, 2021
We’re sorry for scaring you! Now stop scaring us!


We are sorry for scaring you, little peep. Stay here and be meddlesome!

Peep: Stay here and be meddlesome!


Gheralf says:

Why do you keep tripping us, peep?

Are you unsatisfied with our tribute?

But if we give you more, you might get used to it and keep following us!


Vayandil says:

Oh no, do I have to keep drawing yet another recurring character?!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

A Dash of Humor

These fantasy offerings take a more humorous approach to the genre. From a dust bunny swept out of his comfortable tree into zany adventures to poking gentle fun at the genre, our week’s offering will tickle your funny bone!

Huzzah – Gus and his niece Lily wanted to build a nice family inn and tavern on a well-traveled road. Instead, they ended up with a clientele of tough mercenaries, crude adventurers, and arrogant mages. They’ll be fine...

Fate is about friendship, adventure, magic demons and a grumpy dustbunny who wants nothing to do with any of it!