#4 Pigeons’R’Faster Operationals

July 15, 2016
You need some way to deliver messages. The mail-carriers can only run so fast.


This is the headquarters of the famous Pigeons’R’Faster Operationals. They lure pigeons and then train them to deliver messages all over the realm.

The operationals has custom-built statues on the eastern wing of the headquarters. Pigeons like sitting on statues, so they naturally flock there and can be harvested using mannequins.

Apparently there used to be a competitor! They tried to do the luring by dropping crumbs to the ground. This is not how you lure pigeons.

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Gheralf says:

Pigeons are among the city’s most used resources, thanks to all the information that needs to get around. So we’re dedicating at least one more comic to them!

Oh, by the way, did you know that these comic pages are littered with JavaScript sorcery?

Yes! To make use of it, all you need is your trusty runic keyboard! Then just press LEFT or RIGHT arrow key to be warped into the previous or next comic.

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Vayandil says:

I think I was in the perfect mindset when drawing this comic: sleepy and not giving a damn. It prevented from thinking too much and let my hand just do its own thing with the pen. The topic was also very intriguing. We even got a tour around the building and collected a lot of inside knowledge how Pigeons'R'Faster Operationals works. It is an ingenious machine that gathers and trains the pigeons as well as handles mail and the delivery – all this in the same complex.