#181 Plain Interlude

December 13, 2019
There is not much to see here, but there are things to hear if you sing by yourself.


This is our investigation on the area between the Derby Ranch and Plains of Two Villages.

We would like to report that the Plains of Not Much still remains true to its name. There truly is not much. A whole plainsful of it.

How are we supposed to make a comic if there is nothing to tell? There aren’t even any trees nearby. Not a single bush.

There are tiny tufts of grass sprouting from the ground every now and then. Dear readers, are you interested in knowing about that? Tufts of grass?

I refuse to talk about the tufts of grass.

At one point we got excited noticing a tiny black thing on the ground.
Yes! A bug! A sign of life!
It was just a snack I had dropped.

Even the weak whistle of the wind is not much. At least we could liven it with a little sing-a-long.

That concludes our report. We’ll get back to you when I drop another snack.


Gheralf says:

Vayandil sure finds things to draw when there is not much to see.


Vayandil says:

Gheralf sure finds things to write down when there is not much to say.