#203 Plains and Games and Breaks

May 15, 2020
Sometimes not looking down means not looking where you’re going.


Our derby resumed its nifty autopilot to the next village. We’re using this chance to teach Cacko a game.
Apparently she likes to think things through.

Whoah! Are we there already? Time sure flies when playing eye-foot-go-criss-cross! Such a superb game!

Oh. Dear. Did the earth swallow our destination?


Gheralf says:

Cacko doesn’t really talk, but we can hear some kind of mumbling from her.

Also, “eye-foot-go-criss-cross” is a pretty long word, so we usually just call it the crissies or the griddles. Still it’s a strange name since the eyes don’t exactly look like eyes and the feet don’t exactly look like feet.

Either way, it’s a very simple and fun game! Be sure to try it out sometime!


Vayandil says:

Color me impressed – our travel brochure has a troubleshooting section! Time to take a look and see if it has anything on disappearing destinations.

I found this one, “What if a destination no longer exists?”

And the answer is, “Option 1: Try to get off the derby and climb back on.”

Why the numbering if there is no option 2??