#235 Plains of 38 Villages and 17 Alliances

December 25, 2020
You mean there are fruits other than bananas?


Being unable to get further information about Wetfort, we followed a river to the next village: Fruitgard!
“It’s the Amazing Presale of the Authentic Pre-Cala-Fruit from the Plains of 28 Villages, 2 Alliances and 14 Coalitions!”
(Oh no... The name of the plains is different again...)

But the sale sounds very delicious! We need to buy some!
It is time for “price negotiations”! Between us and the dealer!

Except apparently we misunderstood. It was actually “currency conversion rate negotiations”. Between the dealers themselves.


Gheralf says:

... Is that huge wheel also some kind of currency? I wonder how valuable it is in terms of that flower currency. Or in that rolled paper currency.


Vayandil says:

This is fine. I was not in the mood for negotiating anyway.