#238 Plains of Approximately 64 Villages

January 15, 2021
Now that’s a village. It has a wagon!


It’s been a long journey, but we are still not even halfway through the Plains of Approximately 64 Villages! (At least we finally have a somewhat sane name for the area.)

We should proceed with our reporting post-haste!

Hello? We are in a bit of hurry, so we cannot unfortunately interview all of you. Can you just collectively tell us who you guys are and what you do?

Sparrow: “Ahem!”

Sparrow: “We are the esteemed Woodchuck family, sirs. And that is our grub you’re trying to communicate with!”


Gheralf says:

Oh, it looks like it’s these peeps! Or other members of their family? It’s kind of hard to tell.


Vayandil says:

With all the kinds of people we have been meeting lately, I was fully prepared to accept sentient seed.