#170 Plains of Many Plains

September 27, 2019
It’s time to look at a map and pick a direction.


This time we brought a map! Both legends AND old hoots say you can’t get lost with a map!

Uhh… hmm... the dotted line is probably our steed’s trained travel route? That means Cacko will eventually arrive at Buffet safely. That’s good to know!
That derby face in the middle looks rather promising! Maybe there is a new steed for us?

It should be pretty near. Actually, I think I see it over there!
Maps are so handy!


Gheralf says:

I recommend a daily dose of maps to everyone. Never get lost again!

It even has all kinds of markings on it. I’m so excited to find out what they mean!


Vayandil says:

In case someone is wondering: yes, the text in the map is supposed to be in our language, but I translated them in the illustration for you guys. I also added our faces on the general location where I think we are at the moment. Hopefully I am not too far off...

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

SpiderForest has new members! The application season ran through July and then during the review period in August the members picked a handful of wonderful comics and creators to join the collective. Congratulations to everyone who was chosen! Next few weeks we'll highlight the new comics, so without further ado, let's start with a batch of fun new fantasy-adventure comics:

Heirs of the Veil: A story about witchcraft, ghosts, responsibilities and the gay experience.

Asequentialart: Slice-of-life adventures from a Fantasy world.

Court of Roses: A fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards out to solve a murder mystery!

Ark: A child foretold to be a fearsome god killer embarks on a desperate quest to change fate.