#240 Plains of Meddlesome Peeps

January 29, 2021
Have you paid heed to the advice of the old hoot this year?


On the map:
Left: Plains of Meddlesome Peeps.
Right: Convenient Path of Avoidance.
Going to the left: Our adventurous (and snack-hungry) group.

Legends tell of a land with the biggest, fattest and juiciest bugs unknown even to the old hoots.

“When old hoot does not know the thing, do not bother with the thing,” the old hoot would proclaim knowingly.

But no way we are missing out on legendary yummies! Let’s go!

We have arrived! Now, come out, snackies!

We’re sorry we doubted you, old hoot!


Gheralf says:

I’m very disappointed in the bug-to-peep ratio!


Vayandil says:

The blabbermouth Woodchuck’s story (comic #239) might have contained some bent facts… Especially regarding the bugs.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Hey! Long time no see, readers!

It's that time again… CotW, ya know?

Comics of the Week extravaganza is here soon! Starting next Friday, I'll be shouting out amazing webcomics for you to get excited about! All of 'em are made by the members of the SpiderForest collective!

Realm of Owls is part of that collective ya know. (```>wO°°°)

So stay tuned for your next favourite reads!