#43 Playing Ate 'Em

April 21, 2017
Time to nom on some cards vigorously!



Gheralf says:

Ate ‘Em is the most savage of the common card games. For such a simple concept, it is very entertaining to watch! It is common practice for players to come up with their own intimidation methods by breaking the cards in all sorts of manners.

I once saw a trickster throw her cards into air where they would transform into pigeons! By the end of the match, the playing ground was filled with befuddled cooing.


Vayandil says:

Card games bring everyone together. This time we decided to depict a hobo taking on an adventurer in a rapidly escalating game of Ate 'Em. Hobos may own practically nothing, but somehow they always seem to have decks of cards on hand, even when they eat them almost daily.