#45 Playing Blah

May 5, 2017
Is that a bunch of cards in your mouth or are you just munching on a banana?


Blah is a game where you pick five cards and then show them. The player with the biggest combo hand wins.

Since randomly picking five cards is hardly based on anything but luck, the players are allowed to hide replacement cards in their mouths.

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Gheralf says:

Blah requires careful management of the cards at your disposal (hand and mouth). With just this simple added concept, it has been dubbed the most skill-based card game in the realm.

The gal in this comic, who also made an appearance sometime before, is called Dollar. Apparently she used to be a professional comedian before ending up in the Slums. I wonder what happened to her.


Vayandil says:

It has been a long time since we last used Deliberate Text Absence in our comic panels. One might think we just did not come up with anything to say, but it is the opposite, actually: we had too much to say in the last panel so we went and wrote nothing.