#42 Playing Knights of Flight

April 14, 2017
When you can’t actually be someone important, you can still play as one.


In Knights of Flight, you raise a card up and declare that it is someone important.

Both players have five cards on table. You use the cards in your hands to flip the opponent's cards away, while trying to defend your own.

Instead of holding two cards you can pick a special power, such as "rock" or "jug of water".
Choose wisely.


Gheralf says:

Knights of Flight is originally based around historical adventurers and explorers. Sometimes you do not remember any. At a time like that, you can just spout whatever you want. If you cannot come up with anything, you can use any of Buffet’s numerous Lords.

The version played in the Slums seems to be a bit different from the classic game. Hobos seem to have made up quite a few imaginary heroes. In fact, the games seem to be devoid of any actual historical persons.


Vayandil says:

Seems I will be drawing a lot of tables and cards for the next few weeks.