#89 Pondering Doppelgangers

March 9, 2018
Difficult questions are difficult until recklessly abandoned.


Why do you chase us? Where did you come from? What is your ultimate purpose?

Are you figments of our imagination? Or simply impervious to good ol’ stick-to-the-head?

Pointless questions.
All of them.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

The second attic isn’t ready, so I’ll be counting on your help some more.

Actually, I didn’t want to say this because I thought it might scare you, but I did the math and it seems we might need more than just another attic.

Which means I need you to stick around for a few more months.

Anyway! This time, we have a special shout out to the following two people for selflessly promoting the other creators participating in the Comic of the Week promotion! Please stop by and give them thanks by checking out their awesome comics!

Andy Purviance, creator of I, Mummy comicAn impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a future based on predictions from the late 1800s—a future where everyone can fly and there’s no such thing as wi-fi.

Deanna Brigman of Obscurato comicRetired warrior Dionisia’s quiet life as a grandmother is interrupted when an old friend is in need of saving. With her past catching up to her she is about to discover just how magic left her world, and have to decide if it is worth bringing back.
Obscurato takes place in a Medieval inspired fantasy world where magic is the stuff of fairy tales. Our heroine Dionisia has a secret and to protect it she enlists the help of her husband Larkin, his upstart squire Joseph, and the ever loyal Ram. They may be in over their heads as the malevolent forces behind the mystery could be more than they can handle.