#317 Positure Check

July 15, 2022
Don’t mind us, just checking that we know our positures!


A crowd of jesters have gathered outside. They are looking at Sharpie, the undercover detective, who is surveying the crowd. Four jesters are standing in the forefront. From left to right: jester #1, Sharpie, jester #2, Yacker the jester, jester #3.
Sharpie: “Good enough. Let’s begin.”
Yacker: “Umm, Sharpie? Weren’t you taken away by a bird or something?”

Exactly the same shot as before.
Sharpie: “Yacker, show me positure #52-1.”
Yacker: “#52-1, Heron-of-judgement!”
Yacker makes a scary under the nose stare.

Same shot repeats.
Sharpie: “What about #33-1? #14-2? #41-1?”
Jester #2: “#33-1, Piff-is-hungry!”
Jester #2 opens their mouth and looks skyward.
Yacker: “#14-2, Guard-on-a-platter!”
Yacker holds a random jester on their hands like a platter.
Jester #3: “#41-1, Child-having-fit!”
Jester #3 waves their arms and legs around.

Same shot as before. Five jesters form a row, dancing and holding each other's arms.
Sharpie: “Now, #5-5.”
Jesters: “#5-5, The-happy-fence!”
Sharpie: “#1-1!”

Same shot repeats. Jester #1 whips out a writing stick and a piece of paper.
Jester #1: “#1-1, Paper’n’stick, here you go!”
Sharpie: “Thank ye.”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It’s quite clear that when they started making up these positures, the jesters’ job was to be the one to fetch the writing instruments.

Also note the difference in the text format in positure #1-1: Paper’n’stick instead of paper-n-stick. They never fixed that.