#48 Prize Fighting

May 26, 2017
You’ll have to fight to win the prize. Put some effort to it.


A common pastime is to watch Prize Fighting. How it works is that there is a prize, and people fight for it.

Das Law now prohibits fighting within the city, but Prize Fighting is classified as an honorable competition.

To the victor go the spoils!


Gheralf says:

Some people try to use Prize Fighting as a means to vent their suppressed anger. They are quickly trounced by the regulars and never receive any prizes. Calm your head before you sign up.

Also, you are not allowed to have any items with you. Even if you feel like you want to bring a tippy mug with you and have a little break halfway on the way, you cannot. Please take the competition seriously and not as a means to spend your midday food break.


Vayandil says:

Now this comic depicts some glorious Prize Fighting as well as one of the most known regulars: Devoltast “Iron Logs” Cryleast. He may look scary with his broken beak, but he is quite a pleasant fellow.

Sometimes I feel like it would be fun to go and join the fighting, but then Gheralf comes to stare with his eyes and mutters something about calming down. I do not know how he does it, but afterwards I always end up forgetting I wanted to fight in the first place.