#329 Protocol #11111

October 7, 2022
That’s a lotta guards.


Sharpie the detective standing on top of a full wooden fence. He is glancing behind his back, at a silhouette of an unknown owl person's head.
Silhouette: “Protocol #11111 performed.”

The silhouette turns out to belong to Smugastut the guard. They look quite ruffled, with tired yet determined eyes.
Smugastut: “We’ve gathered all the guards you asked.”

Camera zooms out to reveal the surroundings. Smugastut and Sharpie are on top of a wooden tower, as well as Tuple the guard, who is hanging onto the fence and peeking just over it. We see the tower surrounded by masses and even more masses of guards.
Smugastut: “Every single one of them.”
Tuple: “Except Tatty. She’s resting in the basement.”
Sharpie: “I see.”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

A sea of guards.

Will be no match for us.