#403 Protocol #45

March 8, 2024
Get outta there!


Having saved a guard, the Aviatar releases her, but is quickly attacked by Beast Lord. Keeptender, the giant floating hand is contorting in pain from slamming onto a spiked shield. Quackles the Jester is quacking at Keeptender. Sharpie the detective stands by the wayside, observing the situation with other guards.
Guard: “There’s giant hands now?” It just grabbed Mapwoof and threw her into the fray!”

Sharpie scratches his chin in contemplation as Smugastut the guard speaks with their colleague.
Smugastut: “That’s dirty!”
Guard: “I don’t want to get thrown around!”
Sharpie: “Don’t worry, the Aviatar can handle ‘em.”
Sharpie, thinking: “He’s brought a buncha Lords from Twisted Keep.”

In a fit of rage, Beast Lord lashes at the Aviatar with a Lightning Whip, who uses two halberds to grab the tip of the whip. Guards around him dodge and run in panic from the wild lightning strikes, coming from the whip.
Sharpie, thinking: “We’re in the way. The Aviatar can’t do ‘is job if he’s gotta look out for us.”

Sharpie points the guards to start running away from the fight.
Sharpie: “Guards! Protocol #45!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Protocol #45 stands for “Exit the area in an orderly fashion.”

Sharpie’s making himself useful again. But I don’t believe it’s going to go so smoothly.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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