#294 Protocol Confusion

February 4, 2022
Put your faith in the protocol!


Oman: “Smugastut, Tuple. We’ve been waiting for you at the meeting.”

Smugastut: “We’re busy here, Oman!”
Oman: “Well, stop being busy. We have a meeting to attend.”
Smugastut: “We’re in the middle of a situation here!”
Oman: “But... You need to follow the protocol, Smugastut.”
Smugastut: “We ARE following the protocol!”

Smugastut and Oman: “TUPLE! FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL!”
Tuple: “I CAN’T!”

Ever wanted to become a barker? Here is your chance!

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And here you can see protocol #185 in action (also known as Detective Too Tired To Walk Protocol).

DLEP created the protocols in order to make everything simple. Stupid simple. So simple, in fact, that peace-keeping would remain possible even for utmost simpletons during the strangest of times and situations.