#295 Protocol Prioritization

February 11, 2022
Put your faith in the priority of protocols!


Smugastut: “There’s nothing wrong with our protocol!”
Oman: “It’s the wrong protocol!”
Smugastut: “No, this is the right protocol!”

Oman: “You’re forgetting the basic principle!”
Smugastut: “Oh yeah!? And what could that be!?”

Oman: “Prioritization.”
Smugastut: “Oh, that’s right. Silly me.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

I just skimmed through the comic archives and noticed that the two history-doofuses never mentioned how our numbering system works.

Ten painted symbols representing numbers from one to ten.

Here are the numbers from one to ten. What the detective has drawn on the floor is a picture mnemonic used by DLEP for “priority”. Basically it reads “1 > 5”. As numbers, five is obviously bigger than one, but with priorities, you always do the first priority things first.

Fun fact: This is one of the hardest to grasp mnemonics for new DLEP members. Assuredly due to how illogical it feels to think of number one as something bigger than number five.