#91 Quackles the Jester

March 23, 2018
Rules of the game? Keep it clean and say it like me!


Quackles: Want to play the game? You’ll do as I say? Take this map, snacks and keys! Seek clues in chests and your road will ease!

HINT: Just ignore Lord of Quarrel.
Quackles: Did you like it? A hint for your quest! I have more! Seek birds and be blessed!

HINT: Run from doppelgangers.
Quackles: A new hint to help you down the line! Now find beasts ’til you meet a big swine!

Quackles: Quack-quack-quack. Quack-quack-quack!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

I ordered a bunch of new comics. Trying to fill the void from last week.

Now to twiddle my feet until the package arrives.