#147 Quest for Authority

April 19, 2019
Find someone with authority? Quest accepted.


The situation looked dire. The “complaints” put the Peacemongers’ authority in jeopardy once again!

The letters were carefully scrutinized:
In my last village we had village elders who made sure there was no trouble. Ever.
fruit flies like a banana
Where our chief hoot walked, flowers sprouted. Even the ground worshipped him.
ch1cky FluFFballs
If only my former superior blockhead was here. She would know what to write here.
I had a nice bath today.
name job bye
My best chicken is the boss. I love her and the way she clucks.
That’s it! They needed to find a leader that could be trusted by everyone!

The city was combed to find someone with authority. But even with the School of Despotism’s popular educational shows, the city was only full of mundane dopes.

It wasn’t until they climbed the tower that they finally stumbled upon something very promising.



Gheralf says:

If you’re feeling bored, feel free to try and make out what the small prints say in panel two.
(Or you can cheat and look at the Transcript below the comic, but where's the fun in that?)


Vayandil says:

The workbird children loved the Grand Ogler so much that they wanted to see them every day. That is why an adult was tasked to escort the children and keep an eye on them. Well, as much an eye as he could with the multitude of painted eyes scorching his vision.