#257 Questionable Oasis

May 21, 2021
Here we are, in an oasis, pondering many things.


The Oasis of Sereneries. A calm vacation spot for families. Except...

The parking lot is so full that the steeds have to fight for space!

There are so many customers that the merchants can get away with any kind of hat craze!

How has it come to this? What happened here?!

Aviatar: “I tell you!”

Aviatar: “A tale of souls and swords...”
Aviatar: “...but mostly of unsought profits!”

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Gheralf says:







Vayandil says:

Gah! How is Gheralf able to stare straight at the bright light?!

...Actually, now I can stare at it, too. Weird.

...Oh, it is the Aviatar (introduced in comic #102)!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

These doofuses didn't even realize to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their comic!

*blows a hooty-tooty whistle*