#70 Recreating Inventions

October 27, 2017
Sah is doing some actual work on inventions in her basement-cavern.


After taking the invention apart, Sah will now attempt to put it back together using her notes.

It looks good! But it seems some parts were left out. Time to try again.

Even the Recreator needs a break every now and then. Sah whips up a glup-pressing machine.
Wait, what happened to the invention?


Gheralf says:

We got a look at Sah’s basement-cavern. First it was too dark to see much, and after lighting all the candles, it was too smoky to see much.

It seems like the process of recreation is one of many trials and errors. Good thing she does not seem to have deadlines to meet.


Vayandil says:

We are probably not the only ones who think the glup-pressing machine would be very handy for beverage establishments and households. We tried to tell this to Sah, but she just disassembled the machine, saying she needed the parts for the real invention at once.

By the way, if you are not yet familiar with glup, you can read comic #14.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

This theme’s week is Thriller! Somehow just in time for Halloween! (wait, was this all planned?!)

Sadly there are no dancing zombies or human flies for me to present to you, but I hope these three fear-and-monsters themed webcomics will suit your appetite.

This is the last week of our new member link fest, so if you feel like you’ve been more than stuffed with new webcomics during the last month, worry not, I’ll shut up for a while starting now.

With that, please enjoy this last batch of horrors!


In a world where human fears can take on terrifying physical shapes, a blind boy’s intense fear of Darkness becomes a danger not only to himself but everyone around him. Welcome to Bonabyl.

Littlelight Asylum

In a strange orphanage where the little monsters really are little monsters, three friends are constantly getting themselves in supernatural misadventures.

The Magpie (NSFW)

There is no escape from Pinewood, this is the one thing Amanda knows. At least she thought she knew, until Trixie, the new girl came to town. As the rules she once believed fall apart, Amanda soon faces the truth of her town. She isn’t the only one that wants out. NSFW