#71 Reproducing Inventions

November 3, 2017
Even a specialist needs the help of another specialist when it comes to other specialties.


Sah goes to the local blacksmith to make copies of the parts.

Each part must be inspected to make sure they are top quality.

Finally, everything is put together.
Soon everybody will be able to enjoy this wonderful device!


Gheralf says:

Eomygn, our local blacksmith, also does work on materials other than iron. She is known to work with wood and leather (and has even tried doing things with stone, like seen in
comic #29).

With that, two specialists have come together to allow reproduction of Scholar-Pioneers’ inventions! But we need one more to close the whole circle...


Vayandil says:

Glancing back at the previous comic I realised I had forgotten to draw the strap to Sah's lens contraption... That is what you get when drawing from a model in poor lighting, in other words inside a burrow.