#301 Return of Sharpie

March 25, 2022
Sharpie is BACK! Wait, who’s Sharpie?


A very annoyed-looking owl person, being hung from his jacket by an unknown force. He has a frame around him and the plaque reads: Sharpie Whopper, Undercover Detective.
Sharpie: “Smugastut, what are you doing? Let me down.”

Smugastut the guard staring at Sharpie incredulously. Sharpie is hung from a staff, which is held up by an unknown guard.
Smugastut: “How do you know my name!? Wait, you look familiar...”
Unknown guard: “It’s Sharpie! But he disappeared YEARS ago!”

Dialogue between four to five guards ensues.
Second unknown guard: “Oh yeah! Didn’t he break the door when he left?”
Smugastut: “Really? I heard something completely different.”
Third guard: “Yes, he first shouted so hard it blew off the entire roof!”
Smugastut: “That doesn’t sound right.”
First unknown guard: “No, he was captured by Greater Owls when he was picking bananas!”
Smugastut: “That makes sense! The Captain did say he went for a long flight.”
First unknown guard: “His screams echo in the winds to this day...”
The guards have left Sharpie hanging from the tip of the staff that's prodded into the ground. Sharpie looks even more annoyed.
Sharpie: “...lemme down.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

By some twisted miracle, the history-doofuses managed to find this little guy interesting a long, long time ago.

What a hilarious coincidence.