#334 Revolution Plan Explained

November 11, 2022
Monologue time, presented by Sharpie.


Stygian Lord, clad in cloak, leading a team of cloaked revolutionists up the wall of a tower. Sharpie the detective narrates what is happening.
Sharpie: “Everythin’ we’ve been dealin’ with was jus’ a distraction by the revolutionists. To give ‘em time to start invadin’ the tower unnoticed.”

Illustration of the Stately Tower and its immediate surroundings. The team of revolutionists is about one fifth of their way to the very top of the tower.
Sharpie: “They know the inside’s a mess, so they decided to climb on the outside instead. And droppin’ the tower a notch made their route shorter.”

Sharpie throws his oversized coat away while taking a determined step forward. The coat smacks Tuple the guard in the face. Smugastut the guard runs to fulfill Sharpie's command.
Sharpie: “This is the final hurdle we gotta deal with! Tuple! Fetch me a paper and stick! Smugastut! Pick me five guards to lead teams! An’ me… I gotta fetch mah coat from the basement.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Too bad there isn’t a protocol for fetching a writing stick and paper, eh, Sharpie?

As for the basement of DLEP HQ, it essentially has its very own set of secretive protocols. Almost like the detectives were trying to keep guards from touching anything but the chairs.