#131 Revolutionary Individuals: Steve

December 28, 2018
Sometimes you don’t have to be very revolutionary to spark a revolution.


But what had sparked the jollyhoot revolution? At the core of it all sat Steve.

Steve was a simple storyteller, but to people he was Captain Jollyhoot, the commanding face of jollyhootness! (Only because he resembled the smiling fellow on the jollyhoot placard.)

Except he was not an ideal jollyhoot! He would tell stories for an hour or two and then hide in his home. Bad rumours about his assumed laziness spread.

Until one day, Steve made a mistake. After working too hard and sleeping in a bit late, he came to find his waiting audience very upset.
“See! Jollyhoot is bad for our children!”
“And us!”
“And our neighbours!”
“And my bananas!”
“And the flies on my bananas!”
“There’s flies on your bananas!?”
“Which one of these is my baby!?”
The cries of crazed citizens continued until jollyhoot was no more.



Gheralf says:

The medians had a new saying: “No Steves, please.” This utterly confused outsiders, but also citizens who only knew him as Captain Jollyhoot.

Steve was actually more of a workbird than a jollyhoot, working day and night in the comfort of his home. But this just shows that no one is safe from assumptions and the following mass hysteria.

No one.

Not even banana ice glup.


Vayandil says:

As far as we know, Steve never knew about the nickname people had given him. How is that possible, even? Maybe he did not expect people address him, so he just assumed people talking and greeting jollyhoot in general, with a trendy prefix.

Also, we have determined that lenses (read more in comic #10) did not exist until long, long after the age of jollyhoot ended. That means Steve did all the scripting and crafting bare-eyed, probably squinting hard at the tiny objects he was making. I almost feel like a loser compared to him, using a lens to see what I am actually drawing.