#333 Revolutionists Noticed

November 4, 2022
No problem here. Time to go home.


Tuple and Smugastut the guard stand in energetic poses. Sharpie the detective stands in front of the pair, looking up into the distance. Lots of other guards are celebrating in the background.
Smugastut: “Alright, snack time over! Are we ready for action?!”
Sharpie: “They’re free already.”

Same shot as before. Sharpie keeps looking up.
Smugastut: “Really? That means case closed, right?”
Guards: “WE GO HOME! YAY!”
Sharpie: “Not yet.”

Camera shifts to a low angle shot, revealing the wall of a gigantic tower behind Tuple and Smugastut. The Stately Tower. Tuple is counting with their fingers, Smugastut looks confused and Sharpie points at a group of silhouettes on the tower wall.
Tuple: “Huh? But everything is accounted for. Walls, Chicky, glupperies…”
Sharpie: “That.”

Tuple and Smugastut turn their heads to look at the silhouettes Sharpie is pointing at. It's a group of cloaked figures, climbing the wall and leaving a trail of ropes behind.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And finally, we’ve been noticed.

Feel free to start your pursuit any day now, DLEP.