#340 Rise to the Top

December 23, 2022
Clever shrimp!


Guards have gathered around Top Hat, the boss of the spies and wearer of a magnificent tree hat, at the city street. Sharpie the detective and Tuple and Smugastut the guards stand closest to her.
Top Hat: “Enough rambling! We’re going to the top!”
Tuple: “But the top is so far away!”
Top Hat: “I might agree with you, except..!”

We zoom in on Top Hat's face.
Top Hat: “Clever shrimp!”

We zoom back out to see the whole group again. The scene has changed drastically: They now stand on top of a medieval-looking stone tower: the Stately Tower!

Same shot as before. Sharpie has left the group, Tuple close behind him, to approach the edge of the tower.
Guards: “Clever what? Shrine? Rim? What’s clever about it? I don’t get it.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:


I’d wave my hands around, but I’m currently climbing.