#220 Safe and Calm Sketches

September 11, 2020
This is a safe comic full of calming sketches.


Oh, we completely forgot to report about the chickens’ combat suits! Here are some artist renditions of a chicken inside a warsack.

*sketches of chickens riding derbies and wearing costumes*

You would think that they only wear those sacks during their battle re-enactments. Yet, much like the villagers of the Burrows, they seemed to wear them any time while on derbyback.

Uhh, what else...

There sure was a lot of grass.
*a single blade of grass*

And there were bugs in the grass.
*a single bug appears on blade of grass*

Whole bug families!
*bug family appears*

Since the chickens live in the grass...

... do the bugs have their own chickens?!!
*tiny chickens living with the bugs*

Does that mean chickens eat chicken?!
*giant beak appears*

Eaten! All eaten!
*crosses over everything*

More! More! Draw more! Anything to ignore the drop to certain death around us!


Gheralf says:



Vayandil says:

Look, I am on my own right now! This is the best reporting I can muster!