#361 Scarl

May 19, 2023
How does anybody eat their last banana?


Lordish Secretary is holding the skull of Scarl, a former member of the Lord's Delegate. She is fitting Scarl's jawbone in place as she laments. Das Attendant stands in the background, with a shocked expression on his face. The room they are in is filled with piles and piles of shining coins.
Lordish Secretary: “Eh wot, Scarl. I told you to knock the wall if you were feeling queasy. Now we’ll have to figure out when you ate your last banana. And how.”

Having put Scarl's jawbone in the skull, the secretary looks into its hollow eye sockets. Das Attendant's eye twitches as he seems to realise something.
Lordish Secretary: “I’ll have to inform your relatives. After I find out who your relatives are. I hope *they’re* still alive. Otherwise, I’ll have to find *their* relatives. And hope *they’re* still alive...”

Lordish Secretary turns her attention at Das Attendant, who looks goofily happy for some reason.
Lordish Secretary: “You holding up, Att–?”

Lordish Secretary keeps her eyes on Das Attendant, who is excitedly digging into a pile of money, revealing a bony arm.
Lordish Secretary: “Wot’s up?”
Das Attendant: “We can still make our plea! Help me find Oplaf and Snor.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Ah, the delightful face was back. For a while.

Do not fret. I will yet make it permanent.