#362 Scarl, Oplaf and Snor

May 26, 2023
If you arrange them like that, it's SOS.


Das Attendant talks to three skulls, arranged in a row on top of a pile of shining coins. The skulls once belonged to the members of the Lord's Delegate: Scarl, Oplaf and Snor.
Das Attendant: “Dear members of the Lord’s Delegate. We have gathered your remains here today to have an audience with you. Now hear our plea:”

Das Attendant keeps standing in front of the Delegate as they deliver a carefully structured plea. Lordish Secretary sits on another pile of coins just behind Das Attendant, listening.
Das Attendant: “Das Law needs to be moved. Movers are Bellif and I. We must be paid extra.”

Having uttered their plea, Das Attendant proceeds to pick up an armful of coins.

Das Attendant walks away, a sizeable pile on their arms, as the Lordish Secretary looks at them.
Lordish Secretary: “Eh wot.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

If only Das Law was as convenient for Sharpie and his quest for the Piff’s signature.