#69 Scavenging for Inventions

October 20, 2017
Sometimes genius goes unwanted. And sometimes, that sometimes is very often.


Sah is always on the lookout for spare inventions in order to study them.

One would think the inventions are rare and valuable, but surprisingly many just want to get rid of the dang things.

Once the word spread out, people have been dumping their stuff at Sah’s house.
Mostly just redundant household items.


Gheralf says:

As you already know, you are not allowed to leave stuff lying around, so people really like having somebody to dump unnecessary things onto. And it does not help that Sah seems to be encouraging this behaviour.


Vayandil says:

The mat cleaner in the second panel must have been badly designed, since it reportedly caused terrible racket when cranked. Or maybe the sound was an extra feature to keep neighbours away?

The other item with the weird-shaped bottomless bottle is still a total mystery. It apparently contained sticky, stinky stuff that ruins feathers. It is gone now, however. Guess how? It caught fire during Sah's experiments and when the fire finally died, it was all gone! Yes, it was liquid that could burn! Now Sah is frantically searching for other items that contain the same liquid so she can experiment on it more.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

This week’s theme is Adventuring: the Advanced Course! What does that even mean? Who knows!

Want to find out? Go check the comics. Maybe you’ll learn. Or maybe you’ll remain in a state of befuddled confusion here with me.

This almost reminds me of one of those “Choose your own adventure” thingies...

Go forth, adventurer!


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