#36 Scholar-Pioneers

March 3, 2017
Meet the inventors of pretty much every single intelligent thing in the realm.


You may remember these people with the strange knots. They are the most intelligent and advanced group in the realm.

They live in secret hideouts, and only come out after coming up with something that needs to be given to us common folk.

Usually it is something very complicated.
Good thing their instructions are very clear.

Ever wanted to become a barker? Here is your chance!


Gheralf says:

Basically majority of the advancements in our city is all lying on the shoulders of these wiseguys who may or may not come up with new things when needed.

The scholar-pioneers are very elusive. Contacting them is nigh impossible, and they seem to move elsewhere when their hideouts are found!


Vayandil says:

Scholar-Pioneers always look grumpy. No matter where or when they are seen, they are grumpy. Or angry and running straight at you to kick you out.

Anyway, a new game has come out and I have to try it out! Bye!