#384 Secretary’s Juridical Snack Break

October 27, 2023
Here’s a relaxing snack break with absolutely no revelations at all.


Lordish Secretary leaves for her snack break, as Das Attendant and Tuple keep assembling an impossible amount of pieces of paper and yarn into a single tome.
Das Attendant: “Don’t move now!”
Tuple: “I’m trying!”
Lordish Secretary: “Phew”

Lordish Secretary sitting in a pile of fan mail. She is reading one of them while snacking on a maggot.
Lordish Secretary: “Eh wot?”
Fan mail: “This is an emergency message for the Lordish Secretary from your loyal fan club. You are being watched and I suspect the Stygian Lord has plans for your future. Be prepared.”

View zooms out to show Lordish Secretary in the distance. She turns her head, looking straight at the reader.

Same shot as previous. Lordish Secretary dashes from the sitting spot, straight at the reader.
Lordish Secretary: “Eeehhh?”

Lordish Secretary stands extremely close at the reader and reaches her and to grab something.
Lordish Secretary: “Wot?!”

The view blacks out.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

One of my eyes to the throne room has been cut off. Thanks, reader.

Oh well, it’s not like I need to see there anymore.