#356 Sharpie Explains to Piff

April 14, 2023
Now hear me explain!


Sharpie the detective is still explaining the situation to the Lord of the Realm. The lord listens carefully to what Sharpie says, while a lasso drops down from the ceiling.
Sharpie: “Then Chicky Fluffballs came, but we lured her away. The revolutionists are now climbing the wall in an attempt to take over your position and destroy Das Law.”
Piff: “I see. Hmm, yes. That sounds bad.”

The lasso snatches the Lord of the Realm, interrupting Shapie's speech. Crown and cape fall, and another owl person sees their chance to take over the position of the Lord.
Sharpie: “We’ve secured this area for your...”
Piff: “HNGH!”

Sharpie addresses the new Piff, who now proudly sits on the throne. Tuple the guard appears from the side to give an important reminder.
Sharpie: “You didn’t happen to hear any of that, did you?”
Piff: “Nope!”
Tuple: “You left out the heroic exit of the jesters!”

Piff stares at the reader.
Piff: “Hey, where is my fan mail!? I hereby make a royal request to receive some! Send it here:

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Would you look at that. Lord of the Realm is demanding fan mail.

Perhaps send him some?

This might be your last chance.

(Spoilers: It’s not.)