#387 Sharpie Meets the Stygian Lord

November 17, 2023
Hi. Hello. We finally meet.


Sharpie the detective stands in the middle of a tile-walled round room, holding his right hand up and something in his left hand. Stygian Lord approaches Sharpie from the opposite end of the room, passing an owl person with two fighting sticks in hands.
Sharpie: “This is the end of the line for y–”
Stygian Lord: “Sharpie! Welcome!”

Closeup of Sharpie, still holding his hand up. The item in his left hand looks like a compass.
Stygian Lord: “I was wondering if you’d ever grace us with your presence.”
Sharpie, thinking: “Oh, I show up and now he wants to talk?”

Stygian Lord gestures three black-cloaked figures to come near him. The owl with the fighting sticks backs away.
Sharpie: “So ya do know me?”
Stygian Lord: “How could I ever forget the guy who backflipped down the DLEP HQ onto the back of a migrating giant crow and ascended through the clouds, never to be seen or heard again?”

High angle shot of the room. Sharpie still holding his hand up. Stygian Lord with the three black-clad figures standing just behind him.
Sharpie, thinking: “Three goons. His personal bodyguard?”
Sharpie: “...That ain’t how it happened.”
Stygian Lord: “I know. I just find the rumors hilarious. And that’s my favorite one.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Of course I want to talk.

We’ve been at it for quite a while. I want to get a few words in before he throws down the proverbial gauntlet.