#307 Sharpie on Top

May 6, 2022
This guy knows what’s up.


Giant ball-shaped and long-legged bird running through a city, kicking houses and shedding down everywhere. Sharpie the detective's silhouette in he corner.
Sharpie: “Chicky Fluffballs is our priority. Or there’ll be nothin’ left of the city soon.”

Chicky Fluffballs has turned around and is walking towards a person in the distance. Sharpie is standing in the foreground, his back towards the viewer and looking at Chicky.
Sharpie: “We gotta get to know her first. That’s the key.”

Sharpie: “Now, what motivates you, Chicky?”
Sharpie is standing on top of Smugastut the guard. Four other owl characters are forming stairs with their bodies. From left to right: Oman the detective lying on the ground, Tuple the guard resting on their hands and knees, Oman's carrier guard kneeling, second carrier guard standing and Smugastut standing and raising Sharpie high up.
Tuple: “Wow, guys! Were you at the supernumerary step-by-step course?”
First carrier guard: “Yes.”
Second carrier guard: “Top of the class!”
Tuple: “Aww, I was expelled! “Too unstable,” they said!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

So they chose to climb on top of the house of those two history-doofuses. Unsurprising, since it is one of the tallest houses around.

The giant spider living there appears to be rather docile, since she went out of her way to hide from these guys. From what I’ve seen, it appears only the neighbour knows of her den.