#373 Sharpie Profiling

August 11, 2023
And that’s how you profile!


Sharpie the detective is drawing on the wall.
Sharpie: “This revolution leader... what’s the deal with him? He’s gathered and convinced a massive group to follow him. He somehow knows about undiscovered places.”

Sharpie's profiling drawings on the wall are revealed: black-cloacked individuals, bigger cloaked individual with possible bag and clothing suggestions. A house flagged with a black revolutionist flag, a curious-looking twisted tower, a ball-shaped bird with very long legs.
Sharpie: “I’ve never heard of a median that could formulate a plan this complicated. So he’s from outside? Nearby villages? Twisted Keep? That’s the one place that I’d expect to spring up a surprise like this.”

Sharpie closes his eyes and rubs his temples, thinking hard.
Sharpie: “But I’m sure I’ve seen this guy somewhere! Must have been in the Slums, since I’ve been there for so long. Did he pass by or was he disguised? Is he a trader? Someone dressed like that wouldn’t exactly just hang around–”

Sharpie looks annoyed as his profiling is interrupted by Top Hat, who is disguised as a fake book shelf. Not only had Sharpie drawn on the wall, but on Top Hat's disguise as well. Tuple the guard on the floor on his knees and hands, having been a stool for Sharpie.
Top Hat: “Bro! Team 1 has reached the bypass with one (1) sledgehammer, plus one (1) hammer equivalent!”
Sharpie: “...Alright.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

No point racking your brain about it, Sharpie.

You’re missing way too many details to do a successful profiling of me.