#305 Sharpie Puts It Together

April 22, 2022
Some things just ain’t essential. This is one of those things.


Sharpie the undercover detective looking down at a drawing on the ground. The guards, Smugastut and Tuple, popping out of the upper corner and looking down at the small detective.
Sharpie: “A revolution group… All this mayhem… This smells orchestrated. We gotta act fast.”

Low-angle shot of Sharpie, having a determined-looking expression. Tuple and Smugastut in the background, both raising a fist to the sky.
Sharpie: “First, the glup establishments..!”
Tuple and Smugastut: “YAH!”

Sharpie has turned around and is walking away from the guards and the viewer. Smugastut looks horrified and Tuple has started crying.
Sharpie: “Ain’t essential. We’re gonna deal with ’em later.”
Tuple and Smugastut: “AIN’T WHAT!?”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

The head honcho has spoken.

All your glup will continue to belong to us.