#354 Sharpie Reports to Piff

March 31, 2023
Now hear me report!


Sharpie the detective stands in front of Piff, the Lord of the Realm and explains the situation to them. A hand reaches at Piff from the side of the panel.
Sharpie: “Glupperies were overtaken and the Wall of Buffet had holes blown into it by a revolutionary group who call themselves the Stygian Parliament.”

Sharpie turns to open his coat to take a drawing stick and a piece of paper. Piff is being pulled off the throne by the hand.
Sharpie: “They are now climbing the wall in an attempt to take over your position and destroy Das Law. We’ve secured this area for your protection.”

A new owl person has sat on the throne, putting the crown on their head, making themselves the new Piff. Tuple the guard appears from the side to remind Sharpie about an important detail.
Sharpie: “Now sign here that you heard my report.”
Lord of the Realm: “But I didn’t. Can you start over?”
Sharpie: “...”
Tuple: “You forgot to mention Chicky Fluffballs.”

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

Tell me more!
Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Sharpie has been masterfully pushing DLEP around thus far. However, Das Law states that DLEP must not touch Lord of the Realm or interfere with any part of the process around choosing the new lord in any manner.

And, that if DLEP takes over the head of tower for whatever reason, they must give a full report to Lord of the Realm about its reasons and then verify with a written statement that Lord of the Realm has received that report.

Have fun speed-running that report, Sharpie.