#368 Sharpie Shelved

July 7, 2023
Between the books with you!


Sharpie the detective lies on his back on top of a shelf. He is speaking to Top Hat, who is somewhere off panel.
Sharpie: “I just hallucinated that guy on the throne.”
Top-Hat: “What guy?!”
Sharpie: “The guy you described to me b’fore.”
Top-Hat: “Oh!”

Top Hat's eyes peek through the darkness, inside a window of some sort.
Sharpie: “You sure the guy’s been climbin’ with the others all this time? I gotta know.”
Top-Hat: “Yes, the whole time! The lofty are still stickin’ it to ‘em!”

View zooms out to show the whole shelf. It looks lopsided and the books on the shelves are fakes: just painted wooden planks. Sharpie is resting on the topmost shelf as Top Hat's eyes are seen through a window on the third shelf from the top. Tuple the guard appears on the scene, confused look on their face.
Sharpie: “...Alright. Keep me updated.”
Tuple: “Who, me?”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Yes, I’ve been climbing all this time.

As attested by this Top Shelf right here.