#306 Sharpie Suits Up

April 29, 2022
Clothes make the detective.


Two guards, Tuple and Smugastut running after Sharpie the detective. Sharpie is approaching Oman the detective, who is lying on the ground lifelessly. Oman’s carrier guards are standing and staring at Oman.
Smugastut: “What do you mean glup establishments aren’t essential?!”
Sharpie: “That’s all a distraction.”

Sharpie pulling the trench coat off Oman. Tuple leaning on Smugastut for support and crying.
Tuple: “But the glup establishments..!”
Sharpie: “Stop gettin’ distracted! Tha’s what they want!”

Tuple and Smugastut looking at Sharpie with a confused expression. Sharpie is leaving the scene, dressed in Oman’s coat that’s way too big for him. Oman’s carrier guards saluting Sharpie.
Tuple: “What do you mean?”
Smugastut: “Who’s “they”?”
Sharpie: “The pluckin’ revolutionists! Now stop distractin’ me and get over here! I need altitude!”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Don’t be like that, Sharpie.

Come. Have some glup.