#367 Sharpie Tired

June 30, 2023
It’s alright, the little dude was just tired.


Sharpie the detective is frozen in shock, witnessing the number one enemy of the story, Stygian Lord, sitting on the throne. Stygian Lord is handing out a document at Sharpie while resting their elbow on a fainted owl person's head.
Sharpie: “Is that him? We lost? Just like that? How? Why? When?”

Sharpie shakes his head as Stygian Lord keeps sitting on the throne. The fainted person slides down onto the floor.
Sharpie: “Hollup! I’m tired. Tha’ means I’m seein’ things.”

Sharpie takes another look at the throne. Stygian Lord has changed into another person, who keeps handing the document out at Sharpie, a worried look on her face. Three hands appear to reach out to the new lord.
Piff: “Hello? You okay, little dude?”

Sharpie walks away from the scene, eyes tired and the signed document in his hand. The hands grab the lord by the cape and pull her away.
Sharpie: “I’m good, yer lordship. Thanks for the signature.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It seems you need a nap, Sharpie.