#370 Sharpie Updated

July 21, 2023
Sharpie receives news of some guys having a blast.


Sharpie the detective is resting on top of a fake book shelf as a spy appears from the floor and whispers something to the shelf. The shelf is in fact the leader of the spies, Top Hat, whose face can be seen among the fake books. Tuple the guard stands on the side, leaning against the wall, minding their own business.

The floor spy retreats as Top Hat delivers Sharpie an update of the revolutionists' situation. Tuple notices a familiar colleague approaching.
Top Hat: “Bro, they’ve moved in! They’re in the tower!”
Sharpie: “It’s fine, we got measures for that.”
Tuple: “Tatty! Hello!”

The "Tatty" is actually a puppet, worn on top of another spy's head. Tuple looks confusedly at the puppet as the spy whispers a report to Top Hat.

Sharpie's eyes open in reaction to Top Hat's newest update. Tuple keeps staring at the Tatty puppet who leaves the scene, riding on top of the spy's head.
Top Hat: “They’ve set up camp on a vacant floor!”
Sharpie: “A what?”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It’s camping time.