#77 Shield of Buffet

December 15, 2017
We present: The Shield of Buffet in its true glory!


This is the Shield of Buffet, our city’s insignia. It is used in all kinds of places.

However, the shield is just a simplification. Its true form, known as “coat of arms”, is conserved in Das Attendant’s archives.

Legends say that only a fool would try to replicate it.
“Legends can go smack themselves.” –Vayandil


Gheralf says:

Somebody had to use a lot of time drawing the original coat of arms. And poor Vayandil had to spend a long time copying it.

Seems that in the past it was normal for all heraldic bearings have two versions: coat of arms and insignia. The former depicts things such as upheld values, surroundings and strategic disposition… while the latter is something that is good as long as it does not take a week to redraw.


Vayandil says:

I had to sketch the coat of arms in a hurry, because we were allowed only little time to inspect the original illustration. Thus the depiction on the last panel is not only inaccurate, but lacks a great portion of the whole image that had been painted on the paper. I did note that the drawing at least tried to have the same amount of items on both the left and the right side: only one rat on each side, equal amounts of shiners and so on. That is why one detail – a chip added with a tiny piece of paper – struck me as odd. It is most likely a later addition that had been demanded by the hobos of the slums.