#37 Shiners

March 10, 2017
When something is especially shiny, it is only natural to call them shiners.


The currency used by us medians is known as shiners. They were created by the Scholar-Pioneers from a rare glimmering mineral called bluerock.

Das Law forbids trading too many coins to outsiders to protect the city’s money circulation. But eventually most of shiners had been lost in trade. This raised a bit of a panic.

So the Scholar-Pioneers appeared with a new batch.
And all was well.


Gheralf says:

We used to think that coin circulation is serious business. The Scholar-Pioneers only made so many coins, so surely we cannot have them get lost! But as soon as the city ran out of shiners, the Pioneers started handing out new batches. I guess bluerock is not all that rare after all?

Oh, in case anyone is interested, here's the actual excerpt from Das Law: "You are not allowed to give too many shiners to outsiders!"

It is so vague that no wonder nobody knows how to follow it.


Vayandil says:

Gheralf kindly posed for the first picture, because we felt it would look boring with just a pair of coins floating in empty space. With him in the background, the shine from the coins are more apparent. Plus Gheralf likes shiny things, so holding two shiners so close to his face became one of the best moments in his life thus far.