#104 Shrine of Feasting

June 23, 2018
That feeling when you have all the food around you and you just can’t touch any.


Deep inside the greater owls’ turf lies the Shrine of Feasting. Finally the Aviatar will start his sensational meditation!

“Wait. Three cycles,” he proclaimed before freezing into a radiating beacon of one guy clenching some fruits.


Gheralf says:

I would like to rename this the Shrine of Stressful Experiences.

Legends say that the Aviatar visits these shrines to meditate. Presumably to find answers to tough questions.

When I asked the Aviatar about it he just said, “Nice practice.”


Vayandil says:

Gheralf really made a fulltime job out of blowing that instrument. He has become so adept that he could write a coherent comment while whistling like mad and staring at the distance. The Aviatar did say the whistle would not be necessary once we entered the shrine, but we do not trust those scrutinising stares of the owls and owlets.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

SpiderForest has a Kickstarter going with about 2 days left. It’s about rogues and stuff.

There’s a tier you may be interested in, if you’ve ever wanted to become a Lord of the Realm yourself.