#151 Sick of Authority

May 17, 2019
Some days too much stuff is just too much to bear.


The new lords got busy coming up with requests to keep the overly zealous guards occupied. There was no more time for ogling.

Over time, the stuff piled up: exotic birds, jesters, pots, plants, foodstuffs, trees, new thrones, bugs, insects...

...balls, foot massages, back massages, beak massages, carpets, rugs, curtains, gardens, entertainment, jokes, puns, ping-pongs...




Gheralf says:

“Snap” goes the lord.
“Out” goes the furniture.
And the jesters.


Vayandil says:

Naturally some of the people down below blamed the workbirds for the rain of furniture (albeit soon after were happy for a trendy new chair or box), but now we know better! In the archives, we found a “Lord's daily possessions” scroll that probably one of the guards updated every day. After days and days of growing in size, the list suddenly disappears in a single day. The date coincides with the item rain so well that we can assume the lord is the culprit.