#277 Snory Dragon

October 8, 2021
Let’s just stand here, looking at this snoring dragon.


Sign: Snory Dragon
Stygian Lord and Cacko standing next to the sleeping dragon. The dragon is inhaling and making a loud noise.
Stygian Lord: “Few dare to step into this place. A pity, for this creature is quite noteworthy.”
Stygian Lord: “Is it just a simple sleepy lizard taking in more than it can handle? No.”
Stygian Lord: “You see, it inhales. Continuously. For three long years.”

Cacko is looking at the sleeping dragon in awe.
Stygian Lord: “But one day, it stops.”

Cacko realizes her runic tablet.
Stygian Lord: “And that is…”

Cacko prepares to take a picture of the sleeping dragon.
Stygian Lord: “Hm.”

The sleeping dragon begins to breathe fire. Stygian Lord covers Cacko and himself with his cape, stopping the fire.

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And that is the day when the entire forest is set ablaze.